About loveBuds

loveBuds is more than just a product. loveBuds is a commitment, a promise, that you want to create better quality time with your partner wherever you go. On a plane, at a cafe, or a simple afternoon at the beach. This is the commitment that I made to my partner, and this is why I created loveBuds for her.

We live in a high-tech world full of distractions, from mindless social media feeds at our fingertips when we look down, to flashy advertisements all around when we look up. Often, we sit next to our partner occupied with our own gadgets instead of spending quality time together.

Time is an unforgiving nature of this world that we have no control over. However, how special we make that time with our partner is well within our control.

About HH Creativity

HH Creativity, LLC is a boutique studio in Santa Cruz California that designs, builds, and sells creative, unique, and affordable lifestyle products for those who travel the world. Henry, the founder, is an avid international traveler himself, and has flown more than 1 million miles over the last several years to explore the continents of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, South America, and of course home base North America. As a result, HH Creativity only designs products that real travelers crave and want to use.

Henry is also a big time dog lover. Two rescued dogs, Chopin and Mozart, actively oversee day-to-day operations here at HH Creativity.

About Chopin and Mozart

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Chopin is a mix of Schnauzer, Yorkie, Poodle, and big attitude. Chopin was rescued from the Santa Cruz SPCA. Despite his small frame, he decides what Mozart gets to play with. While loyal, Chopin likes to play hard to get.

Mozart is a mix of German Shepherd, and something else. Mozart was rescued from the San Jose Animal Care Center. Mozart looks up to Chopin (for some unexplainable reason…), is very loyal, and is always calm, until a squirrel catches his attention.

Every month, on behalf of HH Creativity, Chopin and Mozart donate 10~20% of proceeds to SPCA Santa Cruz, ChildFund International, and ETM-LA (Education Through Music – Los Angeles). They do it because, simply, every life deserves a shot at life.

About the Founder

Henry loves creating products, and every little detail behind the scenes from sketching to fulfillment to marketing to customer support. Henry also loves to travel, and has traveled to over 30 countries and flown over 1 million miles in the last 10 years. Naturally, the idea of loveBuds, a product for traveling couples, came together during one of the international trips with his girlfriend. After almost two years of ups and downs, loveBuds launched and then shortly after became available to the world on Amazon Prime!

As for how Henry spends most of his days, he does high-tech product management in Silicon Valley for his day job, and spends most of his free time on loveBuds as well as other side business operations. Well, that and snowboarding, beach volleyball, Krav Maga, piano, motorcycles, Jeeps, woodworking, happy hours with friends, and a few other interests.

Founder of loveBuds