About HH Creativity, LLC

We are a small boutique design house in the lovely beach town of Santa Cruz, California. We design and build unique lifestyle products that are fun and stylish, and having good functionality too is just icing on the cake! Above all, we focus on absolute customer satisfaction, well above profit. We truly mean that. Why? Because we know that by ensuring customer experience, business and profits will follow.

Chopin of HH Creativity

Santa Cruz SPCA

Mozart of HH Creativity

San Jose Animal Shelter

Giving Back

Chopin (the Schnauzer mix) and Mozart (the German Shepherd mix) work alongside us everyday. They keep an eye on us, and sometimes the squirrels outside, making sure we are always focused on absolute customer delight by working in our brightest moods and not get too stressed out. In addition, they also remind us to donate a portion of our proceeds every month to the Santa Cruz SPCA, so that their brothers and sisters get a chance at a happy life too.

Contact Us

Drop us an email at henry@hhcreativity.com

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