Why not wireless?

We thought long and hard about going Bluetooth. After all, we are in the 21st century. However, after plenty of discussions, surveys, and feedback, it became clear to us that there are no wireless technologies that can replace the special feeling and connection that comes with sharing wired earbuds. There is just something special about it (remember that episode from the Office when Jim and Pam shared earbuds?). The way we see it, no wires attached is like no strings attached.

Will loveBuds work with my gadget?

loveBuds will work on ANY mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or any electronic device with the regular audio jack (3.5mm). It is found on the newer iPhones and iPads using the included audio jack adapter, older iPhones and iPads, iPods, almost all Android phones, almost all Windows phones, and pretty much any modern electronic device that lets you hook up to a set of headphones. If you are still not sure, just contact us and we will help you figure it out!

Can I buy loveBuds outside of Amazon?

Yes you can. We have helped customers purchase loveBuds over PayPal, and have even helped customers purchase loveBuds from overseas! If you want loveBuds, we are so honored that we will package it and drop it off at the local post office ourselves just to make sure that it will find its way to you.

Do you offer volume discounts for weddings, trade shows, and other events?

Yes we do! We are available on the popular online wedding community WeddingWire. The same volume pricing is available for trade shows and other events in which you want to give loveBuds to attendees or participants. Just contact us for more information.

What is the Return Policy?

Your satisfaction is #1. If you don’t like the product, simply ship it back to us (via Amazon) within 30 calendar days from date of purchase in its original condition for a full refund!

What if I broke my loveBuds?

We understand that accidents happen. If you accidentally damaged your loveBuds, no problem. Just contact us, let us know, and we will give you 50% off a brand new set of loveBuds! Seriously, we just want you to be a happy loveBuds customer.